Today I am going to share with you an amazing inspirational video. In the video, the multi-millionaire blogger John Chow interviews the 78 years young Dale Bundy at Supercharge summit, Las Vegas.

Dale is 78 years young online entrepreneur. He started his online business with MOBE in the month of April 2016. It’s now almost 6 months and he has earned over $53,000 in commissions from his MOBE business.

Yes, true. Dale is the retired baby boomer. I think he has passed the age of baby boomer. However, still at the age of 78 years, he has started his own online business and started living a dot com lifestyle.

Today Dale is running his online business with laptop while traveling the world. Right now he is traveling the world and attending various live events and meet the other like minded individuals who are also living a dot com lifestyle while making money from their online businesses.

You can also start your online business today by applying for 21 steps program. This system will give you all kind of training and tools to start making big money online. Dale’s story is truly inspirational. If Dale can do this at the age of 78 years then you can too do that at any age.

If you are reading this article then I am sure that you are a bit younger than 78 years of age. Well, then you should also start your online business now and start living a life of your choice. All Dale did was simply followed the 21 steps system from MOBE and achieved this much of financial success. And you can too do that.

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