This is the truly inspirational video. In the video a baby boomer from California name Russell Herbert is telling his story that how he has made $18,000 in commissions from his online business while he was at Las Vegas for attending the Supercharge Summit.

Yes, right. Russel has made $18K while traveling to Las Vegas. This is what is known as true dot com lifestyle in which you make money even while traveling the world or even while sleeping. This is because systems behind your online business do all the work of selling products and not you.

Russell has made over $33,000 in less than 5 months from his online business. Another person in the video is famous make money online blogger John Chow who has made over $2.5 million from just one single online business opportunity.

Russell is just one baby boomer success story. There are many other baby boomers around the world who are making money online while traveling the world. Dale Bundy is 78 years young online entrepreneur who has passed even baby boomer age and still has made over $50K from his online business in around 6 months.

All these success stories tell that you can also start your online business at any age and start living a dot com lifestyle of your choice. People from all types of backgrounds from all around the world are today making money from the internet and fulfilling their wildest dreams. You can too do the same.

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