Have you ever heard of making thousands of dollars online without lifting a finger? I am sure you must have heard about it before as internet is lot of scams. And everyday we all are bombared with online get rich quick schemes that promise us to make us rich without doing anything.

In this video Steven Bransfield, the online entrepreneur has earned $3300 online without doing anything. Not even he lifted his finger to make this money. And well, yes. Its not the Scam or any get rich quick scheme.

So How he did it?

Well, watch the video. And you will understan how he did it?

Basically he earned this money as a passup commission. Passup commission is the commission that you make when the affiliate under you have generated the sale and later on that lead has been sold the high ticket product by upselling but your affiliate is not enough positioned to qualify for that commission so you as his sponsor get this commission without doing anything.

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In short Steven has made official $3300 commissions becuse someone under him was not positioned enough to qualify for this $3300 high ticket commission so that commission has now passed to Steve without doing any work!

In the later part of the video Steve explains that how he drives traffic to his online sales funnels from Facebook PPC campaigns. Its really easy to do this. All you need is the right systems in place to make big profits when you send the targeted traffic on your online sales funnels.

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