Deborah Robertson is the baby boomer, retired school teacher from CovingtonGeorgia. She has 7 grand children and she was retired with a descent corpus on which she can live here rest of the life. However, she wanted to create great memories for he grand kids by spending great time with them. So she started looking for home business and work from home business opportunities. So that she can have the additional income from which she can live a dot com lifestyle of her choice.

Ultimately she turned to an online entrepreneur.

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In this video Deborah is at Cancun, Mexico‘s one of the exotic beach resort Grand Velas Riviera Maya for attending the diamond mastermind event.  Grand Velas is one of the most exotic resort in Latin America with 4.5 Tripadvisor rating. A Mastermind event is one in which other 6, 7 and 8 figure online entrepreneurs are basically meeting and sharing their knowledge. So it gives you a tremendous opportunity to gain your knowledge about the internet businesses.

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Mastermind events basically fasttrack your online success by giving you the networking opportunities with other like minded people from all around the world. MOBE has various live mastermind events like Titanium mastermind and Platinum mastermind.

Deborah has made over $70,000 in commissions from MOBE upto now.

You can also join the exact same done for you system MOBE that Deborah is using to start making money online and start living a dot com lifestyle of your choice. You can join MOBE via its 21 steps online training program known as MTTB as explaind by Deborah in the above video.

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