Watch this video. The MOBE founder Matt Lloyd is showing the new resort at Costa Rica that he has just bought for his company MOBE’s future live mastermind events.

This resort is a beach resort. And right now it requires a lot of rennovation work from the entrance to room furtnitures to land scaping and many more things. This resort will probaby will be ready on 1st March 2017 and it will have 30 rooms. However, there is also a lots of land space available for future expansions of its capacity.

Matt Lloyd has acquired one property name Monterey Del Mar at Costa Rica.

In the video, Matt is showing the interior of all the rooms and they have 15 years old furniture. Matt is planning to sell or donate all of that furniture and put a brand new furtniture. In short, Matt is planning to convert this property into a 5 star resort.

The property also has the restaurant and bar area that he is also planning to rennovate. Also he will change the floor design and clean the internal roads inside the resort.

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