If you are arguing that – all the online money making opportunities are scam or may be you are thinking that online business is not for you then well, you should watch this video. In this video 84 years old retirerd Frank Torchia from Florida has started his online business and started living a dot com lifestyle of his choice.

Yes. true. His age is 84 years. He is much older than someone in the baby boomer generation age. If you know someone who is older than him running his online business then let me know.

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Here is what he says about himself in the video.

My name is Frank Torchia I’m originally from West Virginia but I’m an implant or a transplant to Florida. I’ve been in Florida for a long time. I’ve done all kinds of jobs. Out of high school I started out as an auto mechanic believe it or not. I went into sales, I studied a little bookkeeping in a correspondence course and did some bookkeeping. I had my own restaurant at the age of 22, after that I sold computers, 1950 the Korean War came about and I joined the US Air Force.

I got with NCR and sold cash registers and accounting machines, computers, so I’ve got a varied background.

The past 84 years have been very fast. I’ve retired three times and each time I retire I want to get into some new kind of a business. A couple of years ago I got interested in the internet and making money online. I clowned around with various companies but I couldn’t find a company that had put it all together and made it a simple business.

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