This is the amazing inspirational story of a grand mother of two grand children Gloria Hedstrom from San Diego, California. She is a baby boomer who had a great business knowledge but never knew how to run online businesses?

I spent most of my adult life unhappy and unfulfilled with the jobs I’ve had over the years.  I simply was doing what most people do, picking the job not because it seemed like the dream job, but it would do for now, and it would help pay the bills while I continue looking for something better.

I went to a private business college right out of high school.   After nine months I completed my courses which gave me the experience that I needed to work in the clerical field and support myself.  A few years later, I went to a junior college with hopes to attain my bachelors degree.  I came close to getting my associate’s degree, but when I was interning,  I realized that what I was going to college for was not what I would be happy doing as a career.  I ended up quitting college while I try to figure out a career path.

Today Gloria is very happy running her online business. She is now a days traveling the world, attending live mastermind events and live a dot com lifestyle of her choice.

She has started her online business by joining MOBE via its 21 steps online training program known as MTTB. Today many baby boomers around the world are living a dot com lifestyle while making money online.

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