Chris and Susan Beesley are the retired baby boomer couple living in South London. Just few years back they used to work 10 hours a day for 6 to 7 days a week and used to earn escent income. However, they realized that they did not have enough time freedom to fulfill their goals.

Later on they turned to online entrepreneurs and started making full time income online. In this video they are explaining their full story of their life. You can also read full story of their life here.

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We have always had a desire to succeed and achieve our dreams. We are accountants and management consultants by profession (please don’t hold that against us!) and love nothing more than to help and see other people succeed and change their lives for the better.

we are accountants and although we had an office at home we were always at clients’ offices, working long hours, earning a very good income but having no time to enjoy it or spend with our family and friends.

Chris and Susan are not just the only baby boomers who are making descent income from the internet. There are dozens of more baby boomers from all around the world who have started their online business after their retirement and now started making full time income online.

You can too start your online business and start making money online just like Chris and Susan. All you need is a will to change your financial life and take action.

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