Robert Mackenroth is a retired USA defence army person. He is living in Houston, Texas. He is a baby boomer. In this video he is explaining his story of how he started his online business with MOBE and started generating full time income online after his retirement.

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In this video he is telling his story from Diamond Mastermind live event of MOBE held in Cancun, Mexico. He is speaking from the Grand Fiesta resort on Coral beach of Cancun which is one of the most exotic destination around the world.

Once upon a time he survived from the gun shot in one incience he is explaining in this video. Thanks to grace of God and the bullet proof jacket he was wearing. Later on he decided to spend more time with his family and started looking for the ways to make money online from his home and eventually started his online business with MOBE.

MOBE has given him the ultimate freedom of time, money and location.

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Today many baby boomers from all around the world have started their online business with MOBE and started living the ultimate dot com lifestyle of time, money and freedom. You can too start your online business with MOBE. No matter in which agre group you are.

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