This is the must watch video if you ever wanted to make money online or may be you have tried to make money online in the past with little or no luck. In the video the baby boomer couple Chris and Susan Beesley living in South London have crossed their $100,000 mark in their online business.

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In the video they are explaining in a great detail that how they did it? The main reason for their online success is high ticket affiliate marketing or HTAM.

HTAM means you sell high ticket products and earn thousands of dollars of commissions for every single sale you make. What most of the people do is exactly reverse. They focus on selling $10 eBook in volume in hope to make big profits online.

But the truth is that if you want to make $100,000 in 12 months than its not possible to earn this kind of income by selling 10,000 eBooks for $10 price. It’s simply not possible.

On the other hand if you are earning $10,000 per sale commission then you just have to sell 10 products to make $100,000 in commission. So now what is easy? Obviously selling high ticket products in much less number is more financially rewarding.

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Today Chris and Susan are making money online while living a dot com lifestyle of ultimate time, money and location freedom. You can also start making 6 figure online income like them. All you need to do is join the exact same done for you system that they are using and start promoting high ticket affiliate products online.

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