I remember that when I started my online journey back in early 2008 with a blog, Everybody used to tell at that time that you need to work hard to create unique and valuable content for your site, do extensive SEO and work hard to get that organic traffic.

Still today majority of people start making money online focus on bulding organic traffic for their online business.

However, the problem is organic traffic is – Its slow & Non-Scalable.

Organic traffic takes several months to even years to develop. And even if you grow the organic traffic on your site, it will take you several months to realize that weather you are targeting the right audience and keywords or not?

Plus organic traffic is not scalable. This means that you cannot double this traffic every month after after. If today your website receives 2000 monthly unique visitors then you cannot double this traffic every month after month means 4000, 8000, 16000 and so on…

On the other hand the paid traffic is Instant, Fast & Scalable.

One day in the morning you decide to buy the traffic. In the afternoon you setup the traffic campaigns on variety of traffic sources and in the evening your website, squeeze pages and sales funnels will start getting the traffic. It’s that fast.

Paid traffic is scalable. Means you can double, triple or quadruple the paid traffic every single month and increase your online business revenue at your will.

In short, No traffic is a FREE traffic in this world. Either you pay your time (FREE) or Money (Paid) to get the traffic.

In the above video, the famous internet marketer Ryan Deiss explains that – Traffic is a Commodity in the modern era. And he also says that – Generating Traffic is Not a Problem Anymore.

Just like any other commodity out there like Rice, Gasoline..etc.. – The web traffic is a commodity now a days. If you want to eat rice tonight then you just go to the store and buy the rice. Right?

The same is true with the web traffic. If you need the web traffic for your online business, products and offers, You simply go to the store and buy traffic.

Watch the above video. In the above video the multi-millionaire online entrepreneur Matt Lloyd explains in detail that why he prefers paid traffic over the so called free traffic strategies.

Matt Lloyd started his online business MOBE from his bedroom in Perth, Australia somewhere around 2010-2011. And in just couple of years he had took his online business to $150+ Million mark. In fact, his company MOBE has paid over $73 million in commissions to its affiliates all around the world.

His so much of fast online success is because of the paid traffic strategies he use. He just buys the traffic whenever he wants it and scale his online business. Now a days he spend $10,000+ per day to buy web traffic for his online business.

MOBE is the great online franchisee business opportunity. If you are looking to invest your money in franchisee businesses then this is the great online business opportunity.

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So now traffic is not any problem anymore. You can buy unlimited traffic at your wish. So now what you need is the right top tier online business model that can convert well and you can make big profits online.

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