In this video, Matt Lloyd, the founder of multi-million dollars direct response marketing company MOBE explains that why he likes Direct response marketing over MLM an network marketing?

The reason why he doesn’t like MLM is because he feels that its not the scalable business model. Its great to sell products to your family and close friends by arranging parties. However, this is not the scalable means you cannot keep growing your revenue every month after month.

On the other hand if you setup your own sales funnel with low price front end products and the high ticket backend products and put the customer acquisition process in place then that will be a scalable business model and you will be able to scale it to 6, 7 & 8 figure levels and beyond.

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This is what is known as a top tier online business model. Another advantage of having the top tier online business model is it will position you as an expert or leader in your niche and people will desire to work with you rather than you run behind them to buy your products.

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If you have your own top tier business model in place then it will also screen your leads. Means those who are not worth it to deal with will leave from the entire sales funnel. This will make your life easy.

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