In this video Matt Lloyd explains that how he manages his stress in his own business? When he started his own online business – MOBE couple of years back, He used to got stressed if his Facebook ads account was shut down by FB. However, today if Facebook shuts down his account, he opens 5 another accounts and so on.

Managing your own stress is really important.

Top Tips for Managing Stress

That’s literally what you get over time when you don’t manage stress effectively. Stress is a fact of life for anyone in the entrepreneurial fast lane, but the good news from the latest research is that it doesn’t have to cost you. Framed right, it can actually boost your energy, help you problem solve and increase your memory recall.

There are several reasons poorly managed stress can become a crisis. Stress can cause sleep deprivation, which can lead to an interruption in insulin regulation and weight gain. High stress levels can also have adverse affects on memory and can compromise your immune system. If you‘re a manager and you’re stressed out, then your team most likely is, too. Mirror neurons in our brains detect when our bosses are mad and mirror the emotion. The result? When the boss is upset, everyone in the office becomes anxious. Decision making, common respect and collaboration go out the window. Say goodbye to your best employees. Via

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