When you will start your online business, nobody will know you. But as the time passes and you will create more and more value in your niche, people will start to know about you and perceive you as an expert or guru in your niche. Success and fame will follow you one day. However, you will have to handle it carefully.

In this video, Matt Lloyd (The founder of multi-million dollar company MOBE) explains that how he handles the fame, success and the attention he gets from people as a successful entrepreneur and mentor?

When you become successful and famous, its easy to start feeling comfortable and then its the downfall of your success.

How to Handle Fame (with Pictures)

Reflect on the nature of your fame.
Keep up healthy habits of daily life.
Learn not to take judgment and criticism personally
Keep a tight inner circle.
Stick close to the art that got you famous.
Hold your ego in check.
Limit your expectations.
Understand why separating private and public life is difficult.
Develop your values
Set boundaries for yourself.
Temper the urge to Google your name.
Use social media strategically.
Date people who are not famous.
Understand how others view fame.
Address fans with calm kindness.
Accept your responsibility.
Embrace the voice that comes with fame.
Be on the lookout for opportunists. Via wikihow.com

Success and fame in online business comes with lots of attention and responsiblity and you should handle it carefully.

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