Matt Lloyd is talking in this video from a Platinum Mastermind live event in Canary Island, Spain. They are coming back from snorkling and jet skiing.

She is one of the Platinum affiliate from London. And he is answering the question of her about traffic conversion.

The affiliate has generated over 500 leads in her email list from running a solo ads, Facebook PPC and YouTube channel and she wants to know that how to convert these leads into the customers who buy the products she promotes?

She is basically promoting two products – MTTB , Limitless Book & IM Freedom Workshop.

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Matt Lloyd gives two great tips to increase the conversions.

  1. Create The Irresitible Offer by offering Bonuses
  2. Call to your leads or invite them to communicate you via Skype or Phone

8 Steps to Write Email Copy that Converts

1. Write for your Segments
2. Personalize your Emails
3. Be personal
4. Match your Subject Line with your Email Copy
5. Align your Landing Page and Email Copy
6. Use a Clear, Compelling CTA
7. Format your Email Body for Skimmers
8. A/B Test, Track Results and Improve Via

You should not only pitch into your email followup series but you should teach and pitch. You should first of all provide the value to your target audience and then pitch your products. And this will increase your email open rates also and the conversions.

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