In this video, Matt Lloyd is speaking from one of his platinum mastermind events held at Spain. He is talking about the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a  CEO of MOBE, the company he founded from scratch.

Being a CEO of any company comes with several pros and cons.

Top 5 Reasons You Do, and Don’t, Want to be CEO of Your Own Startup

Being in the role of CEO can be terrific. You’re it. You’ve gained the power to put your brilliant idea into practice. You’re synonymous with the company for your customers, your employees and your investors. Your family is proud of you. You feel like the sky’s the limit.

And yet, the role is a double-edged sword. If your company is a big public company, you can possibly be looking at $10, $20, $30M+ a year. Or very easily get fired. If it’s one of the handful of $1B unicorns coming out of Silicon Valley, then this time around it’s likely more money than you ever dreamed of. But for most CEOs, the truth is not in the extremes. It’s in the middle. read more at

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