In this video, the founder of MOBE Matt lloyd explains that why you should not try to do everything perfect in your online business? Rather you should hit the market as early as possible without wasting your time to create a perfect product.

This is what he says – ‘Good enough is Good enough’.

In other words, Perfection means Poverty. All of us have the tendency to make everything perfect. This tendency also translates into the online business where we work several months on creating a great product. After that we feel that let’s make it more perfect so we do more research and analysis and spend another several months to make it more great products. By doing this basically we are wasting our time.

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The successful online entrepreneurs launch the product once its good enough to launch to the market. The time that you lose trying to make everything so perfect is not worth it at the end of the day.

Matt Lloyd explains that rather than wasting time to make the things very perfect, he would rather implement everything fast and refund to those 10% customers who don’t like his product.

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