Do you know that you can make money online by doing an online marketing of free live events in various parts of the world. One such FREE live event is – IMF or IM Freedom Workshop by MOBE.

In this video the founder of MOBE Matt Lloyd explains that how he has made millions of dollars by doing these free live events all around the world? What basically he sells in this FREE IMF workshop is – Home Business Summit (HBS), the anothet live event at price point of $500.

You will be surprised to know that how he can make millions of dollars by selling $500 tickets of a live event? Well, its possible. What he offers in HBS is MOBE’s high ticket live events like Titanium mastermind & Platinum mastermind.

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Now the title of this article says that – You can make money online by doing the online marketing of live events like IMF. Yes, right. You can be the one of the affiliate of MOBE and promote its live events like IMF and HBS and earn high ticket backend commissions like upto $10,000 per sale.

This means that when someone will register in any of these live events from your affiliate links, You will get 50% of the big ticket commissions which is upto $10,000 per every single sale you make. Today many online entrepreneurs have made fortunes by promoting MOBE’s live events.

Former Engineer from Sydney name Adeline Sugianto has made multiple 6 figure in commissions by mainly promoting MOBE’s live events. There are many success stories like this.

How to Market an Event: 50 Event Marketing Tips

If you’re not sure how to market an event, here’s a list of 50 event marketing tips.You don’t need a big advertising budget or celebrity endorsements to make this work. Just use this list as your event marketing plan. Here are our best practices for filling a room… The Event Page (or Website) The cornerstone of all the promotion efforts is the event page or website.

1. Compelling description: Clearly indicate the topic, time, place and who should attend. The description should include specific benefits for each type of attendee. Make it brief and scan-able. Use third-party endorsements when possible, such as a quote from a previous event.

2. We’ve been missing a #2 for a while now (see comments below), but now we have one brought to you by Brian Ferber. Pre-Event Curation of Content: curation of tangible content leading up to and/or during the event for event attendees to take away from the event (this could be videos, photos, t-shirts or just about anything.) Done right (not SWAG,) this can add to the buzz leading up to the event, tap new audiences for attendees and keep the event property top of mind to departing attendees. Content is about capturing great memories! read more at

You can too start promoting MOBE’s live events and start earning full time income online by working part time from your home. When you will join MOBE, You will be provided all the training to place advertisements on the internet and bring quality traffic on your MOBE affiliate links to promote these live events.

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