In this video Matt Lloyd explains that what is the number one mistake that startup online entrepreneurs make that prevent them making any significant money online?

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According to Matt Lloyd, people get stuck into the learning mode. They keep consuming more and more information and keep buying courses after courses but don’t take any real action that can start their online business.

According to me, the number one mistake people do that prevent them making money online is – Most of the people don’t have the right business plan and the top tier online business model in place. They endup selling the low priced products like $10 eBook without having any high ticket backend products.

While the people who make most of the money in this industry have the right business plan and the righ top tier business model of selling high ticket products on the backend on which they make majority of their profits.

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10 Reasons Why Your New Online Business Will Fail and How to Avoid Having These Things Happen | The Huffington Post

10 Lack of commitment. You talk about how much you want to start your own business with your family or friends, but you never really commit to getting started. You keep waiting for the ‘right time’ or continue to ‘think about it’ without ever getting started.

9 Poor planning. You finally get started but you didn’t plan well enough for the financial, emotional, mental and physical implications. You didn’t save enough money, you didn’t do enough research. As a result, you run out of money and ideas very quickly with no plan of how to get yourself back on track.

8 Lack of action. You simply don’t take enough (or any) action. Or if you do, because you’re new at business your actions aren’t properly aligned to your business so you waste a lot of time. read more at

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