Private coaching programs can be a good backend products of your online business. No matter from which niche you come from, you can offer some kind of coaching to your existing audience and earn big profits from selling this high ticket products.

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In this video, Matt Lloyd explains that how you can make big money online by selling coaching programs starting from $500 to $100,000 price range.

Matt Lloyd also suggests to do webinars to sell high ticket products online. In short, selling the coaching programs online as a backend products is a great online business model.

4 Ways to Sell Coaching Services via Your Website

1. Do you have the expertise to help me?
2. Does your website personality build rapport?
3. What is involved in your coaching program?
4. How much is coaching going to cost me? read more at

If you don’t want to create your own coaching programs then what you can do is – you can promote MOBE’s live events like Titanium & Platinum masterminds and make big profits online. Having Live events and masterminds like MOBE as a backend products in your online business can increase its profitability.

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