In this video Matt Lloyd gives few great tips about becoming an internet marketing guru. You must watch this video if you ever want to become the online marketing guru.

Becoming an internet guru means put yourself in the authority position (Expert Image) in your niche. When you are in authority position, people will chase you to buy from you rather than you running behind your customers.

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In my personal opinion, if you want to become internet guru in your niche then you should always be in the content creation mode. You should consistently keep creating more and more valuable content for your audience in your niche via blog posts, YouTube videos, webinars, email followups, eBooks, Seminars, Live presentations, webinars and so on…

The people who keep creating valuable content for their audience becomes guru over the period of time. Remember that you should be consistent in your efforts if you want to become authority in your niche.

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Become a Guru – How to be recognized as an expert in your field?

You need to be a guru – a leader in your field. If you want to succeed today you need to be acknowledged as a leader in your field. Whether you are self employed or work for someone else your personal and business success will be driven by how you are perceived by your peers, clients, employers, partners and others.

Define your brand
Have a good story
Meet your audience online
Be easy to connect with
Network, network, network!

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