In this video, the famous traffic expert and the internet marketer Ryan Deiss explains that “Traffic is a Commodity” and you should not worry about it. What you should focus is – customer acquisition process of your online business.

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Traffic is a commodity

Getting people into your store used to be the marketer’s biggest challenge. Both in the physical and the digital world. There has always been a big race against reaching the most eyeballs and luring them inside. This challenge is gone in 2015.

Traffic these days is just a commodity. It’s like fuel.

You pay the running rate of getting the right people into your site. Sometimes it’s expensive, sometimes it’s cheap. The smarter you choose to target your audience and your message – the cheaper it gets.

But it’s no problem getting the right people inside your store. You just have to buy as much traffic as you wish.

So it’s not really about filling your store with people anymore, but it’s about converting these people into customers. Via

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In the modern world, just like rice, gasoline or any other commodity, You can simply buy the traffic for your online business. So as an online entrepreneur what you should really focus on is converting that traffic into customers.

Commodity Traffic vs Sustainable Value

Is it to drive traffic to your website or is it an important piece of your integrated marketing approach? Most would say “both” but the reality is if you’re trying to build a credible reputation in your industry, your focus must be on creating content that builds your reputation, complements your sales funnel, and is so valuable to your potential customers that they are willing to pay you for more. A focus on traffic alone won’t help you achieve your goals.

Writing posts with sustainable value is difficult. The internet model of the past was to build websites designed to generate traffic for ad views (commodity traffic). That’s the easy part. But what takes work is creating content that aligns with your brand and sales funnel. You have to create content that is valuable enough that your customers are willing to pay you for more. read more at

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