Matt Lloyd has started his online journey from late 2008. And today he is running a successful online business company MOBE that has generated over $150 Million in revenue and also paid over $73 million to its affiliates from all around the world.

In this video, Matt Lloyd explains that he is not interested to exit his company. He is planning to stay with MOBE for long term probably for his rest of the life.

MOBE is basically focused on small business education. Initially it started as a digital marketing company mainly focusing the internet marketers. However, later on it has broadended its scope to small business entrepreneurs. MOBE is also giving high level of education about scaling business and also investing in various asset classes through its live mastermind events – Platinum Mastermind, Titanium Mastermind & Diamond Mastermind.

Somewhere around 2005 I read Rich Dad series books from Robert Kiyosaki. And I like his thoughts about the education industry and the information age. He wrote somewhere that in the future, people will make fortunes who will be in the business of providing quality education in Business & Investing segment. And also the people who will do their businesses online. MOBE is the perfect example of this. Matt Lloyd has combined the education industry with the information age and he is surely going to be the next billionaire for sure!

Wealth in the Information Age

This week I read about one of the major successes of the Information Age, Facebook. According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook has struck a deal with Goldman Sachs and others to raise $500 million dollars in funding. The website is now valued at $50 billion. It’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, is worth an estimated $6.9 billion. He’s now part of the super rich. Not bad for a 26-year old college dropout.

Today, it’s no different in the Information Age. You could have all the information in the world, but without knowledge, you would still be poor. The reason Mark Zuckerberg is such a success is because he has knowledge of what to do with information and knowledge of how to build technologies to leverage information.

For instance, Mark Zuckerberg has knowledge of Internet technology that enabled him to build Facebook. He also knows how to build a team and find people smarter than him to make Facebook bigger and better. Finally, he has knowledge that information is valuable for selling. Facebook excels at collecting your information, processing it, and selling it to advertisers who target their ads to make money off of you.

It is not the information that makes Mark Zuckerberg rich, it’s his ability to process and leverage it. That takes knowledge. And knowledge comes from education. read more at

In short you can be extremely wealthy in the information age. All you need is the right knowledge about money and how it works? If you want to be the next internet millionaire then you should join MOBE and get the high quality knowledge in your life and start applying that knowledge to start your own online business with MOBE.

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