When you will start your online business, You won’t have enough money to travel. However, at certain point of time in future when your online business will start making mid 5 figures or 6 figures, You will feel the need to travel the world and network with other like minded online entrepreneurs from all around the world and attend the live mastermind events to gain knowledge to take your online business to the next level.

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At this point of time, You will travel more around the world for your online business purpose. In this video Matt Lloyd is giving some great health and fitness tips while on travel.

Travel health tips – Better Health Channel

1. Protection against infection
2. Insure to be sure
3. Pack a medical kit
4. Pesky mosquitoes
5. Avoid gastro
6. Be travel savvy
7. Don’t be an easy target
8. Be vigilant
9. Be sensitive to other cultures
10. What to do when travelling alone
11. Reduce the impact of jet lag
12. Don’t be an infection risk Via betterhealth.vic.gov.au

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