People often ask this question – What is that secret traffic source that converts like hell and make them rich?

In this video, Matt Lloyd explains that all the traffic sources are equal. Weather its Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Snapchat or any other traffic source out there. All of them are created equal. Traffic is everywhere and Traffic is a commodity. You can buy traffic whenever you want.

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Basically what matters is your ability to convert that traffic into leads and your customers. So for traffic generation purpose, you should go for any traffic method out there that you feel is comfortable for you. Weather its solo ads, display banner ads, Facebook PPC, YouTube ads or any other traffic generation method. You should focus on one single traffic source and master that one traffic source first.

You should find out your target audience and then target that audience via advertisements on that platform. In short, traffic is not really a problem anymore.

In my personal opinion you should focus on your online business plan and the business model for your online success. You should not waste yout time worrying about how will you bring traffic on your sales funnels, products and offers. Rather you should focus on how you will convert your traffic into your customers better?

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