This video was shot from the studio of MOBE office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the video Matt Lloyd is with one of the diamond consultant and answering his query about the sales webinars.

Matt Lloyd is giving tricks and tips on creating content for the webinars and how to sell products through the webinars?

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10 Tips For Selling Products With Webinars Effectively

If you have never heard of a webinar it would be surprising because they have been around for quite some time, and are immensely popular right now. A webinar is simply a seminar that is held online. Really anyone that has a message, product, software, service, or some type of expertise to convey to others. The webinar can be free, where you will pitch the audience regarding your product or service, or you can charge for attendance if you are an expert that is teaching something in a particular subject.

Tip 1: Consider Sources For The Webinar Audience Carefully
Tip 2: Create An Effective Webinar Registration Page
Tip 3: Timing Of The Webinar
Tip 4: Add Social Media Sharing Buttons
Tip 5. Introduce Yourself
Tip 6: Detail The Benefits
Tip 7: Specify The Problem
Tip 8: Give Them Your Best Secrets
Tip 9: Use Visuals
Tip 10: Wrap It Up Via

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Webinars if done effectively can increase the conversion rates of your online business and help you to sell the high ticket products effectively.

One very interesting thing I have learned from this video is – Matt Lloyd is saying that creating and presenting webinar once is not enough. You need to optimize your webinars and sales presentation everytime to make it more and more better. He even talks about a guy who has made one of his sales presentation for more than 5ooo times in his life and everything is scripted in his presentation starting from gestures to words.

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