Are you working more than 6 hours a day on your online business and not seeing any (or little) results in your online business then you should watch this video. In this video Matt Lloyd explains one of the MOBE affiliate at Platinum Mastermind event at Fiji that why most of the people working long hours on their online business don’t make much money from it?

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According to one survey, 97 Percent of online entrepreneurs never make money online. And the number one reason for this is – They stuck into the learning mode. And the second reason is – Distractions.

Those who get out of the learning mode don’t know that which are the cash producing activities of their online business?

However, people who exactly know that which activities can bring cash into their online business make the fortunes from their online business even while working part time on their online businesses.

Here are the some of the activities that you should do to build a successful online business.

  1. Traffic Generation – Placing ads, writing blog posts, bringing traffic on your online business
  2. Traffic Conversion – writing a blog poss, email followups, YouTube videos, Webinars..etc..

Also remember that you will also need to right online business plan and the top tier online business model in place before you put any efforts on any of the above activities.

MOBE is the right top tier online business model available in the market. You can earn upto $10,000 per sale like high ticket commissions by promoting MOBE products.

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