Here are the few very great quotes from Ryan Deiss about the traffic that I want to share with you today. Your fundamental understanding about generating the traffic will be changed after reading these quotes.

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever said the following…

“I know my product is great — I just don’t know how to get it in front of people.”
~ You

… if so, these quotes from Ryan are for you…

“Traffic is gasoline.  It’s rice.  Traffic is a commodity.”
~ Ryan Deiss


“If you want traffic, go to the traffic store and buy it.”
~ Ryan Deiss


“There is no such thing as a traffic problem.”
~ Ryan Deiss

Traffic is not the problem.  It’s your offer.

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When I started my online journey in early 2008, for me traffic was a problem. I used to pass the sleepless nights for traffic generation. However, when I learn that traffic is just a commodity and you can by as much traffic as you want anytime, my real online business success started.

Basically what you should work on is your product, sales funnel, business model and customer acquisition process in your online business rather than worrying about the traffic. This is because traffic is everywhere in this world and you can simply buy this traffic from any of the traffic sources available online such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, YourTube and so on…

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