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What is 17 Minutes Only?

’17 minutes only’ is the 21 steps online training program that will exactly teach you that how to start earning full time income online by successfully doing an online business. If you want to start earning from the internet by working from your home then you should join this system. This system is a complete done for you system with the high ticket products mix in the home business industry.

How Can I Join This 21 Steps System?

It’s FREE to join this 21 steps online training program. The only requirement is you need to watch the complete 17 minutes video from its sales page. Once you will complete watching the video, you will be able to join this system for FREE.

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How Much Will I Have To Pay?

Joining is FREE if you watch the 17 minutes video from the above link. However, the entire 21 steps online training will cost you total $49. So once you will join the system, you will be provided login details and access to its first 7 steps and the details of your personal one on one coach. Each step is 15-45 minutes video lesson. You can go through first 7 steps FREE of cost, learn from them and contact your personal coach. After finishing 7 steps if you want to finish all the 21 steps than you need to make one time payment of $49. Once you will make this payment, you will be able to access all the 21 steps followed by 30 steps traffic training with your personal traffic coach.

However, if during the first 7 steps if you feel that its not for you then you are not required to pay anything. You can go back to your life.

The reason you should pay $49 and complete all the 21 steps and 30 steps traffic training is because you will gain enormous knowledge about making money online and online businesses. The knowledge inside these 21 steps is much more than $2500+ in value. In fact, if you pay $49 and complete all the 21 steps and then you think that this system is not for you then still you can get back the full refund of your $49. So there is nothing to lose.

I personally recommend you to join this 21 steps system and finish all the 21 steps and take the highest quality knowledge and training about running successful online businesses and traffic generation.


High Ticket Commissions Versus Low Ticket Commissions

If you complete all the 21 steps of this system and full 30 steps traffic training then you will be able to start earning high ticket commissions like $1250, $3300, $5500 and even $10,000 per every single sale you make by promoting this system.

Let me explain you the concept of top tier income by giving you an example.

When it comes to making money online, there are really 2 options that you have to make your first million dollars and beyond.

Option #1: You can sell a low ticket product,

i.e. an eBook that pays you for example $10 a piece.

You would need to sell 100,000 eBooks at that price point to make $1 Million dollars.

Option #2: You can sell a high ticket program that pays you $10,000 a piece

You would need to sell only 100 programs at this price point to make your $1 Million dollars.

Which one do you think is easier, and which would you choose?

Some people think its easier to sell the $10 product simply because its lower priced, and more people will buy it.

In theory this seems true, but not that easy.

To sell big units like that is dam hard, and it takes a lot of work.

It may be easier to go out and get one customer at $10 than it is to get a customer at 10 grand.

But it is NOT easier to get 100,000 of those customers at $10 each…

That’s a lot of work. [Also Read: $1 Million Online Business Plan]

The idea behind this system is that – you focus your time, energy and efforts to sell the high ticket products online rather than selling low priced eBooks like $10. If you want to make $100,000 online in next 12 months than you just have to sell 10 high ticket products worth $10,000 from this system.

Phone Sales Team

Selling high ticket products online require the phone calling and talking with your leads on phone. However, if you use this system then its the done for you system that comes with its own phone sales team that will talk with your leads on your behalf on phone and sell the high ticket products on your behalf and you will earn high ticket commissions like upto $10,000 per sale.

The phone sales team behind this system is expert and trained in selling the high ticket products through phone calling. So you make big profits online without ever have to call your leads. All you need to do is send the quality traffic on its sales funnels and rest of the job will be done by its phone sales team and support team and not you.

Financial Freedom

If you want to achieve the financial freedom in your life by starting your own online business then this is the right system for you. You can earn 6 & 7 figure income online every single year from this system. Today many people around the world are successfully running this system from their laptop and earn full time income by working part time on this system from the internet.

Leverage Proven Systems

’17 Minutes Only’ is a done for you system. Everything is ready for you. Weather its high ticket products line or phone sales team or support team, all the systems are in place and working properly. So you don’t have to create your own products. All you need to do is – leverage this done for you system to acquire the enormous wealth from the internet.


When I am writing this review, This system has paid over $75 million in commissions to its affiliates from all around the world.

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This system has created thousands of people around the world. Read the above success stories.

How Much Can I Make?

How much you can make depends on your efforts that you will put on this system. You can click the above link to see the top earners of this system. This system has created 8 millionaires and dozens of 6 figure earners and thousands of people who have earned close to 6 figure commissions from this system.


I personally suggest you to go through these FAQs about starting your online business. They will solve most of your doubts.

FAQs about 21 Steps System

Done For You High Ticket Products

Only putting high price tag of $10,000 for your product won’t make you rich because nobody will buy it from you if your product won’t deliver the value it claims. However, with this 21 steps system you don’t have to worry about the product creation. This is because it has a proven high ticket products line ready. Upto now more than $150 Million worth of products have been sold through this system and these products are proven to convert. So this is a great chance to leverage the done for you high ticket products to generate great wealth from the internet.

Who Will Provide Support?

When you will join this system, you won’t be left in the dark. You will be provided full technical support from your business coach as well as from your traffic coach. All of your queries about earning your first high ticket commission online will be solved. All of your doubts will be solved and you will be provided all kind of tools, support and training to run this system successfully.

Not only this but this system will also provide the full support to your leads as well. So you won’t have to deal with your leads anymore.

Is it For Me?

The best thing to know this answer is watch this 17 minutes video and join this 21 steps system for FREE and go through its first 7 steps with your personal coach and decided yourself that weather its for you or not? If you think that this is not for you then you don’t have to lose anything. Because you have not paid anything.

And if you want to continue all the 21 steps then pay $49 nominal fee later on to finish all the 21 steps and full traffic training.

In my personal opinion, if you have desire to become enormous financially successful and generate the great wealth from the internet then this system is for you. No matter from which type of background you come from?

I Don’t Have Any Knowledge About Internet… Can I Join it?

Yes of course. Even if you don’t know the correct spelling of the word ‘Internet’ or ‘Computers’ then also this system is for you. This is because its the step by step system so you have to follow its all the steps one by one and you are done. And at any point of time if you have any difficulty, you can ask your personal coach.

In fact, lots of baby boomers around the world have made fortunes from this system. Yes right… The people from baby boomer generation who don’t have any knowledge to run their online businesses in the past have also generated enormous wealth from this system.

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100% Moneyback Guaranttee

Your money is 100% covered under moneyback policy. So once you pay $49 fees and if during anytime while completing your 21 steps you feel that this system is not for you then you can get back your full money back without asking any questions. You can go back to your own life. You have nothing to lose.

If you have desire to become financially successful in your life and live a lifestyle of complete freedom of time, money and location and if you want to build great wealth from the internet then you should try this system today.

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