In this video Matt Lloyd is with Gloria Hedstorm at one of the mastermind live events. Matt Lloyd is giving few great tips about email marketing and writing the successful email followup series that converts your leads into customers.

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In my personal opinion, you should keep in mind the following two things while writing an email followup series for your email marketing campaign.

First thing is that – Write the content that creates desire for your product. Now, which kind of content creates desire? Well, results. If you are selling online money making opportunity than you can show the results of your products. I personally show the success stories of other people whenever I send the email followups. I show in my email followup that how people have started making money online by using the product that I am promoting. This creates desire in your audience.

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Another kind of content that will create desire for my audience is the dot com lifestyle. I send them great videos of people living the dot com lifestyle because of the done for you system that I am promoting. This basically creates a burning desire in their minds to buy the product I promote.

Second thing you should keep in mind is that – you should write the attention grabbing headlines so that it will increase your email open rates.

Following is a must watch video. This video is by the most successful online marketer Frank Kern. You should create email followup series that will basically increase the trust and desire for your product.

One very important thing I want to tell you is – These email marketing tips work best if you have the high ticket products and the right top tier online business model to promote. Let me explain you how? Imagine two scenarios. In first one you are selling $10 eBook with the above tips while in the second one you are selling $10,000 mastermind program. So in which case you will make more money? Of course in the second one right?

So all these tips work best if you have the right high ticket product to promote. I can suggest you one proven done for you system that has generated over $150 Million in sales upto now. And you should promote this system by using above tips to earn millions of dollars online.

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