Watch this full video. The video is about Traffic and Conversion Summit 2016 presented by Digital Marketer.

In the video CEO Ryan Deiss is telling few great traffic conversion methods that work in today’s world. One great thing he tells is – the modern trend is to merge the direct response marketing with your personal brand and he explains why?

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Majority of online entrepreneurs consider traffic as a problem. However, according to Ryan, traffic is just a commoity so whenever you need traffic, you just go to the store and buy more traffic. It’s that simple.

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So rather than worrying about the traffic, you should actually focus on converting that traffic into your long term customers that buys whatever you offer to them.

In today’s world traffic conversion is more important than traffic generation.

Ryan Deiss on Native Commerce and the Future of Digital Marketing

“If you are only a middle man — be very afraid.”

Dozens of successful ecommerce players have emerged that aren’t just a middle man between the manufacturer and the customer.

Companies that don’t add benefit to the customer don’t deserve to survive.  They aren’t adding anything to the process.

The companies that will survive are those that become “media.”

Ryan defined it…

“Media is anything that aggregates the attention of a definable market segment into a specific location at a predictable time.” ~ Ryan Deiss Via

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