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What is Internet Funnel System (IFS)?

Internet Funnel is the 21 steps system that the guy named Mike has used to become the 6 figure online income earner from his home by working on the internet. The best thing ever happened to Mike’s life were,

  • Being Poisoned
  • Damaging His Brain &
  • Wanted to Commis Suicide

I suggest you to click the above link and visit the full sales letter page and watch the video there to know the entire story of Mike and How he has become the 6 figure online entrepreneur?

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IFS is the 21 steps online training program that Mike has used to become the 6 figure online entrepreneur. You can join this system by paying one time fee of $49 today. Once you will pay $49, You will be provided the instant access (login details) to the 21 steps and your personal one on one coach who will guide you through all the 21 steps. Each step is the 15-45 minutes online video that you need to watch. This entire 21 steps program is the complete online training after comoleting the training you will be able to start earning full time income from the internet with this system by working part time from your home. After completing each step, you need to contact your personal coach. However, after completing 21 steps if you feel that this system is not for you then you can get back the full refund of your $49 and go back to your life. You don’t have to lose anything.

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30 Steps Traffic Training With Personal Traffic Coach

Your success with this system (Means how much money you will make from this system) will depend on your ability to drive the traffic on your online sales funnel (Affiliate links will be provided to you once you join this system). And that’s why you will also be provided full 30 steps traffic training (online) with your personal traffic coach. After completing this traffic training, you will exactly learn that how to place advertisements on the various traffic sources on the internet and bring the quality traffic on your online sales funnels to earn money.

Traffic generation is the most important training that will be given to you when you will join this system. So the traffic won’t be the problem anymore for you to run your online business.

How Much Money Can I Make From This System?

Well, when I am writing this review, This system has paid over $73 million in commissions to its affiliates from all around the world. This system has also generated 8 internet millionaires & dozens of 6 figure online income producers like Mike upto now. So you can imagine that how much money you can make from this system if you follow all the steps and instructions given inside this system.

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Today thousands of people from all around the world are using this system to earn full time income from the internet by working part time online.

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So making 6 figure income online is a realistic goal from this system. And if you are dedicated to work more on this system than you can also make millions of dollars of income from this done for you system.

What will I have to Sell?

You will have to promote the high ticket backend products of this system on which you will be able to earn from $1250 to $10,000 per sale like commissions. This system works on HTAM or High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Method in which you don’t earn peanuts by selling $10 eBooks but you earn thousands of dollars of commissions for every single sale you make online.

It’s backend products include high ticket products license rights as well as live mastermind events in the home business industry.

How Will I Sell High Ticket Products? – Will I have To Do Cold Calling?

You don’t have to sell anything with this system. This is because the phone sales team will call your leads on your behalf to close the high ticket deals on your behalf and you will earn high ticket commissions without doing a phone call. All you have to do is send the quality traffic on your sales funnels and rest of the job will be done by the team behind this system.

The selling component is separated from you in this system. So your job is to send the quality traffic on your sales funnels while its phone sales team will deal with your customers to sell the high ticket products on your behalf. Most of the affiliates of this system have made high ticket commissions while sleeping or traveling the world.

How Much Work is Required To Run This System?

This is not the get rich quick scheme. So don’t expect to get rich overnight with it without doing anything. You will have to put some efforts to see the results from this system. According to my knowledge and experience of other people that I have seen people becoming successful with this system are spending anywhere between 30 minutes a day to 4 hours a day on this system to earn from 5 figure a year to 7 figure a year income online with this system.

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Typically people who are making multiple 6 figure to 7 figure income a year spend 1-2 hours a day on this system.

I Don’t Have Any Knowledge About Making Money Online – Can I Still Join it?

Yes of course. In fact, majority of the people who are currently using this system have never had any past experience or success of making money online or running the online businesses and still they are making full time income from this system.

This is because its the step by step system that will exactly teach you that what you need to do. So you just complete its all the steps and you are done. Today many retired baby boomers from all around the world are using this system to make full time income by working part time on their online business.

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What if I will Find Any Difficulty While Running This System?

When you will join this system, you will be provided all kind of training and support to run this system. Whenever you will find any diffculty, You can contact your coach via Skype with your difficulty and he will exactly tell you that what you are doing wrong and what next you need to do. So this will make your online success faster.

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If you ever wanted to start making money online and live a dot com lifestyle of complete time, money and location freedom then this system is for you. You should join this 21 steps system and complete its all 21 steps and start taking action. If you will take action then believe me, you will be able to make 6 and 7 figure income from this complete done for you system.

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