There is a popular belief that you should send your paid traffic to your landing page and build your email list so that later on you can follow that email list and promote your products and offers.

However, in this video Ryan Deiss, the famous traffic expert and the speaker is suggesting something different. He is suggesting to send the traffic first on the blog post with the valuable content and there provide the option to optin and also do the pixel retargetting.

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Watch this entire video and you will understand many things about content marketing that you can apply in your business to take your business to the next level.

Ryan Deiss also explains that people calculate cost per leads which is a great way to calculate your marketing ROI. However, he also calculates the cost per pixel.

He is not saying that you should not send paid traffic to your landing pages. If you are doing this then continue doing this as its the proven way to build your email list. However, in this video he explains the value of giving the value in advance to the target audience by providing them the valuable content first.

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