In this video, Vick Strizheus is explaining the ‘results in advance’ technique to convert your leads into your customers. This is the technique by which you can sell anything online.

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First time, this technique was explained by the famous internet marketer Frank Kern. People say that the money is in the email list you build. Many gurus also say that the money is in the RELATIONSHIP that you build with your list. And they advise you to send the valuable content to your email list to build the relationship with your customers.

However, most of the people don’t have any clue that which kind of content they should send to their email list? Ideally, you should send the content to your list that basically advance the sales process. You should send the content that pulls your leads (prospects) towards buying your products.

If you have created content to tis RIA technique, then it will move forward your customers towards buying your products. And this is incredibly more powerful strategy rather then pushing your leads to buy your products.

What basically you need to do is – Say for example you are selling some make money online product. Now, what you need to do is – you need to figure out the steps that will help your target prospect to start making money online.

So A is the point where your prospect is not making any money online while B is the point where he is making say few thousand dollars a month online. Now, which are the things/steps that will be required to complete this journey from Point A to Point B?

Well, here are the steps.

Step: 1 Which product he/she should start selling online and why?

Step: 2 List Building: Why and How to Build Email list faster?

Step: 3 Traffic Generation: How to Generate traffic to build list fast?

Step: 4 Traffic Conversion: How to Convert traffic into customers?

Step: 5 Sales Funnels: How to Create Your own Sales Funnel?

Now, the above are the 5 steps to start making money online. So you should send the valuable content in the above manner and at the end promote your offer.

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