Email list is the biggest asset of your online business. There is an old saying that the money is in the list. More specifically the money is in the RELATIONSHIP that you build with your list. In this video, Matt Lloyd explains that how you can keep your email list responsive?

The basic fundamental thing of keeping it responsive is that, you send them content which is relevent to them. I mean when they have opted in for your email list, whatever you have promised them, you should keep sending that kind of content.

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In this video, Matt Lloyd is with one of the affiliate partner name Gloria Hedstrom at one of the Platinum Mastermind live event. Matt Lloyd is giving great tips about keeping your list responsive.

In my opinion, you should teach & pitch in your email followups. This means that provide a great value in your emails. Teach them something which is related to your niche and then at the end pitch your products. There is nothing wrong in doing that.

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