When it comes to make money online, the people who position themselves in the authority position and build their personal brand make most of the money online while rest of the crowd struggle to meet the two ends.

People want to buy from the authority people whom they perceive as an experts in their niches. In this video, John Chow explains in detail that how to put yourself in the authority position by telling your story?

John chow is the multi-millionaire blogger. He has made over $2.5 Million online from his blog. The reason why he has made this much of money online is because people love him and like to buy from him. If you also want people to love you and buy items from you then you should also tell your story in a video and upload it on YouTube.

You should tell in your story that which problem in your niche you were facing and how you overcome that? This is how people will start perceiveing you as an expert in your niche and chase you to buy from you rather than you chase your customers.

Once you will achieve the authority position, your customers will chase you rather than you chasing your customers.

John Chow is promoting one done for you system on which he is earning upto $10,000 per sale like big ticket commissions online. You can also promote the exact same system online and start earning full time income online just like John Chow.

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