When it comes to make money online, the basic thing you will need is,

Traffic + Product = Sales = $$$$$

If you send the targeted traffic in front of the right product, it will generate sales and you will make money. Now, the debate is – should you create your site from scratch and wait for 6 months to several years for search engine rankings to generate traffic or you should simply buy traffic?

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Matt Lloyd explains in this video that you should basically find out the avatar of your targeted customer and find out that where do they hangout on the internet? Which sites they are visiting on routine basis. After that you should place your ads on those sites and bring the quality traffic on your offers and generate sales.

Of course, you can create your own website and blog to build your brand. However, to start making money online quickly you need to buy the traffic and start making money.

Just like any other commodity like rice or gasoline, web traffic is a commodity and whenever you need it, you should simply buy it.

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I personally advise people to create their blogs and websites to build their brands, help their audience and build the positive relationship with their audience. However, don’t wait for several months and years to wait for that organic traffic. Rather buy the traffic and start your online business now.

Many people argue that but the paid traffic is costly. Well, this is a wrong way of thinking. The right way of thinking is that – how you should sell the high ticket products having price tag of more than $2000 online that can cover your traffic costs?

Most of the people can’t afford the paid traffic because all they sell is $10 eBooks or $45 video course or similar low priced offer. However, online millionaires sell high ticket products that starts from $2000 to as high as hundreds of thousands of dollars for every single sale they make.

Selling high ticket products is known as Top tier online business model. And if you have top tier business model then you can easily afford the paid traffic and build wealth much faster. Now a days you don’t have to create your own high ticket products from scratch. You can simply buy the franchisee license rights of top tier business model and start promoting it online and earn big profits.

There is one done for you system available in market that can give you from $1250 to $10,000 per sale like big ticket commissions.

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