There is an online contest that is giving you the chance to win prizes upto $20,000. All you need to do is join this done for you system at just $1 paying today (and $48 after 7 days from now sot total $49) and start promoting it online and you can win prizes of $20,000.

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Here are the pirzes of $20,000.

1st Prize: All Inclusive Vacation in Whitehouse, Jamaica or $6000 Cash

2nd Prize: Tag Heuer ‘His & Hers’ Watch collection or $4000

3rd Prize: 13″ MacBook pro or $3000 Cash

4th Prize: Samsung 65″ Curved 4K SUHD LED LCD TV or $2500 Cash

5th Prize: Human Touch Heated Massage Chair or $2,000 Cash

6th Prize: DJI – Phantom 4 Aerial Camera or $1,000 Cash

7th Prize: Razor Hovertax 2.0 DLX Hoverboard or $500 Cash

8th Prize: Hero 5 Black GoPro or $500 Cash

9th Prize: Big Blue Party In/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker  or $300 Cash

10th Prize: Set of Steak Knives

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Upto now, Top MOBE affiliates have already started promoting this done for you system and generated sales. Here is the list of top contestants.

1st: Shaqir Hussyin (40 sales)
2nd: Venkata & Harpal (34 sales)
3rd: John Chow & Dean Broadwater (14 sales)
4th: Richard Takemura (12 Sales)
5th: Steven Bransfield (10 Sales)
6th: Michelle & Bill Pescosolido, Jason Stone (9 Sales)
7th: Chris & Susan Beesley (8 sales)
8th: David Franzen (6 Sales)
9th: Redshift Digital Marketing, Asif Hamid (5 Sales)
10th: Chad Arrington, Suman s m, Dave Manriquez, Susan Burgess (4 Sales)
7FFF is the 21 steps done for you system that has generated over $73 million in commissions upto now and more than $150 million in sales. If you want to start earning full time income online by working part time then you should join it and go through its 21 steps online training and start your online business with it.

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