In this video, Matt Lloyd is explaining the pros and cons of hiring the virtual assistant and outsource various functions of your online business.

When it comes to online business, You should outsource the majority of the clarical tasks of your online business and you should focus on the main core income producing activites of your online business.

You should outsource the tasks like logo design, site design, designing squeeze pages, wordpress blog, settingup the autoresponer..etc..

And you should focus on the tasks like writing the blog post, writing the email followup series, communicating with your audience, creating a video or anything else that build your personal brand, business brand and put you in the authority position.

Matt Lloyd suggests to hire the cheap freelancers from site –

8 Tips for Effectively Outsourcing Your Content

1. Choose Writers Wisely
2. Provide Clear Instructions
3. Aim for Consistency Rather Than Perfection
4. Pay Writers What They Deserve
5. Treat Remote Workers Like Real Human Beings
6. Be Extra Careful When Outsourcing Visual Content
7. Leverage Your Writer’s Networks
8. Judge by the Results Via

Here are the tips to consider the outsourcing your online business operations.

23 Tips to Consider When Outsourcing Operations

Though the concept of outsourcing has been around for years, it has recently become an even more viable and popular avenue for small businesses. Outsourcing certain operations can save you time and help you keep costs down as your business grows. Entrepreneur and author Chris Ducker is no stranger to the benefits of outsourcing.

Figure Out Which Areas You Want Outsourced
Use Outsourcing as a Way to Save Time
But Maintain Control of the Important Things
Hire for the Role, Not the Task
Uphold Your Regular Hiring Standards
Hire the Right People Regardless of Location

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