Bonuses can increase the conversions of the products you are promoting. In this video, Matt Lloyd explains that how you can add value in your products when you are a starter in your online business?

The Ultimate Guide to Adding Bonuses to Your Products (That Help You Convert More Customers)

If you’re going to sell anything online, a great way to provide incentive and help people decide to buy from you is to include bonuses along with your product. A bonus might mean the difference between someone sitting on the fence, and converting that fence-sitter into a customer. We see bonuses being offered all of the time – both online and off (think infomercials) – but according to Derek Halpern from Social Triggers, most people are including bonuses with their products the wrong way, and they’re losing sales because of it.

Rule #1: Always package your offer so that your bonuses are given away for free on top of the main product that you’re offering.

Rule #2: Your bonuses should always relate directly to the product that you’re selling.
How to Make a Delicious Bonus Sandwich

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