In this video, Matt Lloyd is telling about his experience at traffic and conversion summit 2016 by Ryan Deiss held at San Diego.

Matt Lloyd is excited about the new online advertising method known as Pixel Retargeting which is the future of the online advertising.

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I personally like one of the basic concept about traffic from Ryan Deiss and that is – traffic is a commodity just like any other commodities like rice and gasoline. So you should buy traffic whenever you want it. Traffic is not a problem anymore. Rather you should focus on converting traffic into your customers.

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When people are new in the world of internet marketing and online businesses, they spend lots of their time on getting the FREE traffic on their products and offers. However, they don’t realize that no traffic is free traffic on the internet. Either you pay money or your time. Paid traffic methods are fast and scalable while FREE traffic generation strategies take several months of your time to generate significant traffic to sustain your online business.

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Rather than focusing on FREE traffic, you should focus more on funnel optimization and simply buy traffic from the traffic store.

If you have the right online business model then you can scale it fast with the paid traffic and generate millions of dollars online. There is one top tier online business model available in the market that you can use it as if its your own once you acquire its license rights. This business model has paid over $73 million in commissions to its affiliates from all around the world.

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