This is the amazing podcast by Brian Clark, The founder of and Ryan Deiss, the founder of

The word ‘Native Commerce‘ is first time described by Ryan Deiss. Native Commerce means,

Media + eCommerce = Native Commerce

Ryan believes that if you want to become successful online then be the media first and aggregate the attention of your target audience and then offer your products and services.

He believes that there is no meaning of becoming another Amazon and trying to compete with it. Over the years he has seen that Amazon has become giant and another search engine for the retail products. So now a days when people want something they simply go to Amazon and search for the products they want and buy it. So this is a bad news for the small retail website owners who are banking on those google search queries traffic to sell the products. Previously people used to type the keywords like ‘Buy XYZ’ on Google and used to go to those eCommerce site but now majority of people have shifted directly to Amazon so this is a bad news for routine eCommerce sites out there.

The solution of this problem is – Native Commerce. You become the media first and grab the attention of your audience and then sell them the products.

Ryan gives the examples of companies like – Apple and Harley Davidson.

Both Apple and Harley are basically the media companies. They have aggregated the attention of specific group of audience and now are selling their products to this audience.

In the modern world, you have to combine media and commerce. They cannot be separated anymore. Native commerce is about creating communities of like minded people. It’s bigger than the content marketing.

Here is Ryan Deiss’ 2 Step Process to become successful online.

Step: 1 Aggregate the attention (through blogs, podcasts and other media..)

For Step 2 & Step 3 – Listen the above podcast.

I personally suggest to have the right online business in the backend and then become the media. I can suggest you one top tier online business model that can give you the commissions upto $10,000 per sale. You won’t have to create or deliver your own products. But the team behind this business model will actually work on your behalf to make the high ticket sales.

By doing partnership with the right kind of business model, you can focus absolutely on becoming the media property and aggregate the attention of the target audience while the top tier online business model behind your media property will take care of rest of the things.

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