Content Curation is the future of the internet economy. The future internet millionaires will be created in this space. First of all let me explain you that what it means?

What is Content Curation?

Content curation (according to me) is finding and organizing the content of any form (Articles, Videos, Audio, Pics..etc..) and organizing it in a meaningful way. This blog post is the example of content curation. In layman’s lanuguage, curation means compilation of content on any specific topic or idea.

The person who does this is known as the Content Curator. This is no different than the art gallery or museum keepr (Curator). The job if the art gallery or the museum manager is to curate the art and display them in the showcase in the meaningful way.

Why Content Curation?

Everyday mountains of new information is being uploaded on the internet in the form of Articles, blog posts, News, YouTube Videos, Podcasts and so on and so forth. So basically speaking world doesn’t need more information anymore but the world needs the people who organize this information in the meaningful way.

Every few days Petabytes and Exabytes of new content is being added onto the internet and all of us are drowning in the information. Our mailboxes, Twitter accounts, Facebook account and the internet itselt are flooded with the email marketing, traffic, make money online, weight loss and virtually any niche information from all around the world.

So what we need basically is someone (group of people) who can filter these truck loads of information and organize it into the meaningful way. And the content curator can do this.

Anyone can become the content curator in this world. You can also be the content curator. In fact, you are the content curator only. Let me explain you how?

Have you ever shared something on Facebook or on Twitter? Well, then you are a content curator. How? Well, you have consumed lots of information. However, you have decided to share couple of things only out of that all the information (via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform) to your friends and followers because you thought that it was meaningful and helpful to your audience. So you are a content curator.

Take the example of this blog. Most of the time I share a great video on internet marketing, make money online, traffic generation, traffic conversion or something like that with you with my own commentary or context below because I feel that this will be useful to you. So I am a curator. This is what is known as Video curation.

YouTube is filled with hours of videos every single minute and we are now drowning in this information. So if someone who has knowledge in certain niche can curate this information for you then it will be valuable for you. I see hundreds of videos every week and I share best of those videos in the internet marketing industry with you via this blog so it basically provided value to the readers of this blog.

If you need to know something about weight loss niche then will you prefer to visit YouTube and watch random videos on weight loss or will you prefer to go to some weight loss guru’s website who is in this niche since past more than 10 years and has curated videos on weight loss? Of course, you will prefer to go to the website of that weight loss guru (If you have that option available) because he has curated the videos on weight loss niche.

This is because your time is scarce and someone else’s curation can save a lots of your time. Right?

In short, Curation is the future of the internet economy.

History of Content Curation

There are two names that I want to recognize here who have first time ientified this pheonomenon (or opportunity or trend) of content curation.

They are Rohit Bhargava and Steven Rosenbaum.

Rohit Bhargava published this article on his blog on 30th September 2009 when noone new about the content curation.

Manifesto For The Content Curator: The Next Big Social Media Job Of The Future ? | Influential Marketing Blog

Every hour thousands of new videos are uploaded online. Blog posts are written and published. Millions of tweets and other short messages are shared. To say there is a flood of content being created online now seems like a serious understatement. Until now, the interesting thing is that there are relatively few technologies or tools that have been adopted in a widespread way to manage this deluge. We pretty much just have algorithmic search, with Google (and other search engines) as the most obvious example. Social bookmarking and social news have been around for some time (ie – sites like Digg or delicious), and new models of aggregation like Alltop are springing up to help us navigate all this content as well.

What if you were to ask about the person that makes sense of it all? The one who sifts through all the content and picks out the best and most worthy. This person is missing from most corporate communications teams. It’s not a commonly defined role on any ebusiness teams. In fact, there are few jobs like this at all. The closest comparative role may be contained within the rising Library 2.0 movement (one I wrote about some time ago), but this is not frequently linked to business communication or marketing. If this role did exist, what would it be called?

The name I would give it is Content Curator. read more at

Later on in 2011, Rohit has suggested various models of the content curation.

The 5 Models Of Content Curation | Influential Marketing Blog

Curation has always been an underrated form of creation. The Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of the most frequently visited museums in America – and started as a private art collection from one man (J. Aside from a few well known examples like this one, however, the term curation has rarely been used outside of the world of art … until now.

Curation has always been an underrated form of creation.

What Is Content Curation?
Content Curation is a term that describes the act of finding, grouping, organizing or sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific issue.

The 5 Models Of Content Curation
Chronology

If you want to do the video curation then here are the great tips by Steven Rosenbaum on video curation.

Video Curation Tips: How to Be a Successful Web Video Curator

Good curation of video content does require having a strategy. And by strategy, I mean deciding how much effort you’re going to put in doing manual research, viewing, reviewing, and vetting. Simply throwing up video content that might show up in YouTube or any search engine around keywords you’re targeting is not curation.

Video Curation Requires Planning
Video Curation – Content
Video Curation – Length
Video Curation – Quantity
Video Curation – Organization
Video Curation – Findability
Video Curation – Contributions
Video Curation Tools & Platforms

10 Tips For Effective Content Curation

Finding great content that we know our audience will appreciate and sharing it with them is content curation. If it’s not already part of your online marketing strategy it should be.

1. Edit fiercely, share only the best
2. Set the rules
3. Use Google+ search
4. Use Feedly to subscribe to good content sources
5. Use Google Alerts to find unique and interesting sources read more at

There are few great debates also on this issue. Here is one such debate on the issue.

Seth Godin: Mark Cuban Is Completely Wrong About Aggregators – Business Insider

Mark Cuban, whose media and sports interests all revolve around content creation, has come out swinging, calling all the emerging institutions that gather and curate content ‘vampires’.

“Don’t let them suck your blood”, says Cuban of the Googles and Huffington Posts of the world. “Vampires take, but don’t give anything back.”

“We don’t have an information shortage, we have an attention shortage” says Godin. “There’s always someone who’s going to supply you with information that you’re going to curate. The Guggenheim doesn’t have a shortage of art. They don’t pay you to hang painting for a show, in fact you have to pay for the insurance. Why? Because the Guggenheim is doing a service to the person who’s in the museum and the artist who’s being displayed.”

As Godin sees the world, power is shifting from content makers to content curators — and that’s leaving folks like Cuban with less power to dictate terms.

Godin explains: “if we live in a world where information drives what we do, the information we get becomes the most important thing. The person who chooses that information has power.” read more at

In short, Content curation and curation economy is the future of the internet. People who are curating content on specific topic today are going to compete with the mass media.

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