When you will start making money online, you will hear everybody around you saying you that the money is in the list. So build the email list faster and bigger. The bigger the email list, the more bigger will be the profits.

Now, watch this video by Ryan Deiss and you will understand that the money is not in the list. Actually, the money is in the relationship that you build with your list. And how you can build the relationship with your list? Well, by sending them the valuable content that helps to solve them the problems in your niche.

This is how you gain trust of your audience and then sell your products and services to your list.

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Your email list is just the media, the aggregated attention of your target audience. Becoming Media first and aggregating the attention of your target audience is obviously the right first thing to do. However, once you do that you need to monetize your list (Attention) by building relationship with it.

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The whole idea of Native Commerce is to combine the media with commerce and make bigger profits. In my personal opinion, you should have the right top tier online business model in place before you start aggregating media attention and build your email list.

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Once you have right business model in place, You can then aggregate the media attention and build your email list and promote your products. I am not saying you to build the entire business model from scratch. It will take you several years to do so. Instead I suggest you to acquire the license rights of the proven online business model and then start promoting it by building your email list.

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