This is the amazing great video by the best selling author, speaker and the entrepreneur known as Joe Pulizzi. Joe is known as the god father of the content marketing. His best selling book Content Inc. teaches entrepreneurs to use content to build massive audiences and successful businesses.

This idea basically resonates ver well with the ‘Native Commerce‘ idea of Ryan Deiss.

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In short, if you want to build the multi-million dollars online business from scratch then you should become the media company first and create the awesome media experience by creating, aggregating and/or curating great content for your audience and aggregate the media attention of your audience first and then sell to your audience.

This is the surest way to look different in comparison to your competitors in the competitive marketplaces.

Here is what is included in this video presentation.

My personaly opinion to you is have the right business plan and the business model for your online business plan. Plan out everything and then become the media and aggregate the attention of your audience.

Now a days, you don’t have to create your own products and business model. What you can do is you simply do the partnerships of the established brands and products and leverage their products line to make big profits online.

There is one such online business model and done for you system available in the market that has created several millionaires upto now and you can be the next internet millionaire with this system.

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