Ryan Deiss has first time described the term ‘Native Commerce‘.

Media + Commerce = Native Commerce

According to him media and commerce cannot be separated anymore. But they are combined now.

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According to Ryan Deiss, if you want to build the multi-million dollars online business then build the media property first and aggregate the attention of your target audience first even before creating products and services. Traditional way of doing business is – 99 percent of entrepreneurs build the products and services first and then they go to find the customers for their products.

However, Ryan advises exactly reverse. He first advises to build the media property and the audience first and then build the products and services according to the need of your audience. This will ensure the success in your business.

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There is the guru of content marketing known as Joe Pulizzi who also believes the same way. Joes also exactly says the same thing.

According to him, the entrepreneurs build the content first business, build the audience and then create the products for their audiences.

Joe has very well explained the basics of Content marketing & content first business in his book Content Inc.

Following are the few of the media first web properties by Ryan Deiss. Basically he has created the media properties first and build the audience and then he started selling the products to the audience he built over the time.


Click here to see all the media properties by Ryan Deiss based on media first principle.

In my opinion, if you are a media company then you should create your own products or acquire the products company that complement your audience. And if you are a product company than you should acquire the content assets (media properties) that complement your product.

One more smart way is you do the partnership with successful businesses and buy the license rights of these businesses and then start building your own audience by developing a media property. This is how when you will build the media property, you will have a ready made business model in the backend which will generate big profits for you.

There is one great trending top tier online business model available in the market that has generated over $150 million in sales and paid over $73 million in commissions to its affiliate partners all over the world. You can join this done for you system and use this business model and then start building your media property. This business model has already created 8 millionaires and you can be the next internet millionaire with it.

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