If you ever want to launch a multi-million dollars online business then watch this entire video by Joe Pullizi.

Joe Pulizzi is the entrepreneur, best selling author and speaker. His book Content Inc is all about how entrepreneurs use content to build massive audiences and successful businesses?

In today’s world companies who will become media first will survive in the competitive marketplace. Creating better media experience for your audience will ultimately make you the successful online entrepreneurs.

Joe basically talks about why you should create content first and create an audience even before you launch your products? Traitional businesses work around the idea of creating great products and finding the customers later. However, Joe advises startup entrepreneurs to exactly do the reverse.

In this video Joe basically explains the following things.

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Examples of Companies That Do it Successfully (Ex – RedBull is the media company (Magazine) and also serves the beverages. Another Example is Brian Clark from CopyBlogger.).
  • Why its so important now to do content marketing then ever before?
  • How Joe Striked the idea of writing the book ‘Content Inc’?
  • If Joe Had to start a new business from scratch then how he would do it?
  • The Advise of Joe to the startup entrepreneurs about the content marketing
  • Importance of Goal Setting & Writing down your goals on consistent basis
  • How Brands Can Use Social Media & Which Mistakes to Avoid?
  • Email Marketing is Not Dead… Why?
  • 6 Steps of Content Planning
  • And Many More…

Joe explains that we all are the media companies weather we want to accept it or not and we need to find out ways to create better content experiences for our audiences that can help them to solve the problems in their niches.

In my personal opinion, you should first of all have to right online business model first and then you should start developing the audience for your online business. The right business model will ensure that eventually you will become successful.

There is one done for you system and the business model available in the market that has generated over $150 million in revenue upto now. Smart entrepreneurs around the world acquire the license rights of this top tier business model and start building audience with content first strategy.

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