In 2010, Thrillist acquired for under $10 Million. This is the best example of ‘Native Commerce‘ concept by Ryan Deiss.

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According to Ryan Deiss in the modern world, ecommerce and media cannot stay separated. In fact here is what he says about this acquisition.

Thrillist, which is definitely a property worth checking out, in 2009 — all right, check this out — did $8 million in revenues from ad sales, from advertising almost exclusively, which is pretty impressive. Right? They had this giant staff, this giant editorial team, all these people producing all this content, and it wasn’t working. In 2010, they acquired

They acquired JackThreads in 2010. Remember, I said in 2009, they did $8 million in revenue. In 2014, they grew to $100 million in revenue. From $8 million to $100 million in about five years, and 80 percent of that revenue was e-commerce, e-commerce sales for JackThreads.

And we kept hearing that again and again and again and again. The same was true with Thrillist and JackThreads. If you love Thrillist, you’d wanted to now buy from JackThreads. They had created Disney World.

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Ryan deiss perfectly says that in today’s world you need to be media first, build your audience first and then create products and services for your audience if you want to stand out from your competition and survive in the long run.

Native Commerce principle resonates the principle of Content First Business by Joe Pulizzi. If you want to start a successful business then be the media first and then create your products and services or acquire the suitable companies around the world that complements the need of your audience.

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