In this video, Matt Lloyd is speaking from one of the Platinum Mastermind live event. Matt Lloyd is explaining many thing in this video like showing the live screen sharing to your audience about your earnings and ad campaigns, selling MOBE’s front end products..etc..

One thing he explains very well in this video is that – if you are going to buy traffic online then you need to have the top tier online business model that has high ticket backend products line on which you earn thousands of dollars for every single sale you make.

The reason why you need high ticket backend products is because they can cover your traffic costs. If your entire business model is to sell just $10 eBooks or $45 video course then you won’t be able to tap the paid traffic sources profitably because you don’t have high ticket backend products line ready.

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And you should also not rely on the FREE traffic methods either because they will suck your entire time. Traffic is a commodity and you should buy it. However, if you don’t have the right top tier business model in the backend, buying traffic won’t make you rich. Instead it will make you poorer.

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