Matt Lloyd is the Australian farm boy who turned to online entrepreneur and he has built the $150 million online business education company MOBE in past 8 years. Here are the 9 lessons he has learned during this entire journey and they are must read lessons. These 9 lessons are divided into 3 parts blog posts series.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

1) Business Is All About Margins: Both Protecting And Maximizing Them.
2) It’s All About Getting The Right People On Your Team (And Avoiding The Wrong Ones)
3) Document Everything

4) Trust No One Fully
“If you want to keep honest people honest, have a check and a balance.”
5) Always Focus On Marketing And Sales
6) Get Daily Updates On Your Cashflow, And Watch It Like A Hawk

7.) Become A Ruthless Manager Of Your Time
8.) Foster A Healthy Degree Of Paranoia Towards Your Competitors, And Use This As Motivation To Never ‘Get Comfortable’ With Your Current Position
9.) You Have To Be Absolutely Relentless In The Pursuit Of Your Goals

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